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[ locuinta in Nisyros | George Koukourakis ]]

A restoration of an 1890’s residence in the Greek island Nisyros has recently caught our eye. When we saw the completed pictures of this project we felt warmth, stylish and elegant from an old world. There is something very atmospheric about this project which was designed by the architect/owner George Koukourakis. As a guest in this vacation residence, once beyond the entrance doors you instantly attract the essence of the residence and the lifestyle of  its owner.

The house is 155sqm composed of a Ground Floor living space, a Mezzanine level and First Floor private quarters. Upon arrival you instantly can’t take your eyes of the most dominant and appreciated feature of the house. This ofcourse is the original 1890 cement tile flooring. This finish is the epitome of elegance combined with great movement. George Koukourakis expressed great sensitivity to the residence’s history and structural importance, which in cases such as this we are proud for architects that want to bring the historical features and the life of the interiors to the present and merge them with the future. In addition to this all of the wooden structures in the house have been maintained and restored. Structures such as the staircase and the closets. These are the elements that create the strong essence of something classic within the overall design. A design that incorporates a wide color palette which demands attention.

Once more we were delighted to discover that the colors have also been depicted and created based on an original palette. When pulling out the 20 layers of plaster that had been added over the years and years of repainting,to the architects surprise the original paint color was a red oxide tone. This was respected and moderrnized into a qute richer red which was applied in all the living areas. Taking this into account the whole residence started to have a colour theme for each room according to its function. Vibrant and lively colours are applied were vibrant and lively conversations and movements take place. Pale, smooth and relaxing colours are applied were smooth and relaxing lifestyles are adored. This acts as a key around the host and guests, you can always guess the mood of all your guests based on the room they have decided to sit in. Taking into account these strong contrasts, there is still a unity throughout the design which is one of the most successful features of the interiors. This has a lot to do with the furniture items, lighting pendants and fabrics selected.

In the kitchen for example, there is the presence of the lemony, bright, juvenile yellow colour throughout. Combined with the custom made old style cupboards, the circular buttoned knobs, the antique ceiling pendants and the classic style café seating chairs, there is an instant reference to the rest of the house. The old world atmosphere is still present by the existence of the word marriage and combination. Marriage of styles and materials by applying the bold yellow on the traditional village stove and combination of present forms, for example the colour of the ceiling brought down to be applied on the cupboards and other fixed elements. All these features have been carefully selected to give knowledge and respect of the residence’s importance while at the same time making the space your own.

One of the most favorable interior colors is the envy of the green. You can visualize the cocktail shakers, with the politically incorrect conversations and the cigarette fumes dancing around the dining room while guests are laughing and enjoying the lifestyle of old world brought to the present. The modern -turned- dining chairs create a conflict with the wooden shelving and storage unit but it gets away with it due to the artistic light pendant and of course the vibrant GREEN.

The decorating elements create looseness within the design. In the bedrooms the furniture is kept to a bare minimum with curtains eloquently draping to the floor and antique luminaires reminding us were we are.  Beautiful iron rosette antique beds are merged with artistic table lamps creating fun and care freeness. Everything up here is easy comfortable and left free for your thoughts to unburden you.

Yes, we are delighted when architects such as George Koukourakis really appreciate the history of architecture and respect the life of an interior and its past lives. We are also delighted when we see interiors such as this which bring a warm and elegant approach to our aesthetics and our nostalgia.

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