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Old-World style with a modern twist.

In this living room, designed by New York-based interior designer Steven Gambrel, old-fashioned, formal salon style gets a makeover. Traditional elements — think plush carpeting, chandeliers, a conversation arrangement and plenty of upholstered seating — are still present, but feature refined silhouettes, unfussy patterns and velvet upholstery in jewel toned colours. The unexpected black ceiling with generous crown mouldings defines the space, making it seem larger.

A graphic fireplace wall and shapely modern furniture add character to this living room.

„I’m a big fan of Scandinavian design,” says New York-based interior designer Brad Ford. „It’s simple and uncomplicated, yet functional and stylish.”

Connect indoor and outdoor spaces with style.

Large, factory-style windows add drama to this airy, light-filled space designed by New York-based interior designer Steven Gambrel. Low furniture keeps the space open. Orange storage boxes displayed on shelves reference the slatted wood wall seen through the window, creating a connection between the indoor and outdoor rooms.

Let dramatic scenery take center stage with minimal furniture and accessories.

„We love the way the garden is incorporated in the experience of the living room,” says 3rd Uncle principal Arriz Hassam. „It appears like a monumental painting; it is contemplative, beautiful and changes by the season. The Barcelona chairs in red leather and turquoise rug are simple and complementary to the dramatic view.”

Warm up a black and white colour scheme with natural materials and rustic touches.

Rugged textures plucked from the great outdoors — roughly chopped firewood, a supple hide rug — add fall style to this living room. The mantel comes to life with a high-contrast arrangement of dark, gourd-shaped ceramics and pale pumpkins. A chic take on a rambling pumpkin patch, the effect is both playful and pretty.


Dark, shapely furniture and pendant lights ground this white interior.

„The confident use of red, white, and blue is another wonderful way to add style to a living space,” says international stylist and photographer Pia Bijkerk, founder of the popular blog pia jane bijkerk. „Taking the Union Jack as inspiration, interior designer Lyn Gardener has made these three colours speak volumes in this living room.”


Free of its leafy camouflage, a branch’s strong lines steal the spotlight.

Recast a found or pruned branch as a budget-friendly piece of art by propping it up in a corner (secure it to the wall with fishing wire tied to a small eye hook if necessary). The carefree outdoor-indoor look is not only on-trend, but provides an organic counterpoint to a room’s more formal elements.


Combine modern and traditional design for a stunning space.

„I love the architectural details of this living room,” says Jen Ramos, author of the popular design blog MadeByGirl. „The wainscotting, ornate ceiling medallion and colonial mantle all add interest to this living room. The mix of the new and old pieces of furniture adds a great deal of character too, even with the minimal color palette.” A playful zebra-striped rug adds a hit of pattern and contrast with the dark floors.


This loft space, from Ford’s favourite firm, exemplifies streamlined style.

“I am obsessed with the work of Shelton, Mindel & Associates,” says New York-based interior designer Brad Ford. „Their work is so pure and simple. It’s well thought through, but looks effortless.”

Dark tones, luxe textiles and handsome details turn a ho-hum living room into an elegant space reminiscent of a Gentleman’s Club.

Deep charcoal walls draw the eye to the concrete ceiling and contrast beautifully with the crisp white slipcovered sofa and pop-art pillows. One statement piece of art, rather than a gallery wall, keeps the look simple and high-end. A white tray provides visual relief on the dark coffee table and becomes an ever-changing display space.

Mix DIY pieces with investment furniture for a crisply edited space.

A durable, budget-friendly alternative to hardwood, slate-look ceramic tiles create visual flow throughout this house. The living room’s modern aesthetic is offset by a classic 40-year-old Heriz wool rug. The homeowner had the rug’s border trimmed for a contemporary look.

Warm wood ceilings keep spaces casual and cottage-like.

Leave wood ceiling beams exposed or install a pine ceiling for a seaside look. This screened-in porch is made even more cosy and comfortable with wicker furniture, lanterns and nautical accessories.

Delicate blossoms add romantic appeal to a neutral living room.

Make an impact in any space by displaying flowering branches alone or with other flowers. When trimmed and placed in an arrangement, flowering branches add a woody texture and height. For maximum drama, leave the branches longer and display them together, as shown here.


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