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[ DIY ++ proiect lustra ]]

How we made the ball :
  • blow up the exercise ball
  • mark a 6-7 inch circle off-center (this is for your hand so you can change the bulb)
  • plastic on the floor (it will get real messy)
  • wear gloves (it will get messy, I mean it)
  • rub Vaseline all over the exercise ball (this prevents the yarn from sticking to the surface once the glue is applied)
  • put wallpaper paste into a large bowl
  • unravel the ball of yarn (we used 300 yards for a 31″ ball) dip it into the paste & saturate it completely
  • begin wrapping the saturated yarn around the ball randomly covering as much of the open space as possible without covering the drawn circle
  • once the ball is all wrapped in yarn, let it dry about 24 hours (we placed ours on top of a cardboard box for stability)
  • once dry, deflate ball carefully & pull it through the circle opening (the same opening used to change the bulb) very carefully.

via madebygirl


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